Consignment Policy

NOT ACCEPTING NEW ITEMS UNTIL JUNE 2023 __________________________________________

 Consignment Period
Consignment period is a 3-month term. 
First 59 days items are sold at our regular price agreed upon by email.
At 60 days (2 month period) onwards to the end of your consignment period all items are marked 50% off.
At the end of your consignment period a request can be sent to have your consignment returned.  A notice of one week (7 days) is required to have all items pulled and ready for pick up.
Items not collected after 90 days will be marked down to any suitable amount we see fit (typically 70%-80% off  the original determined resale value) and will be donated after 120 days. We do not follow up on accounts, that is the responsibility of the client. We will not hold items past 120 days. ITEMS ARE DONATED AFTER 4 MONTHS. WE WILL NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS AND ARE LIMITED IN SPACE. You must follow up on account prior to your expiry dates 
*ITEMS REMOVED PRIOR TO THE END OF THE CONSIGNMENT PERIOD WILL HAVE A $10 FEE PER PIECE* This fee will not be waived, and will be taken out of any consignment earnings. 
All payments are issued by E transfer by request monthly (15th only) . a $2 fee is applied to each payout.